To-Do List for business

If you love to-do lists, Avatask offers a suitable solution for your entire business. Get to know the possibilities of our To-Do List, which has been specially optimized for the needs of companies and employees. Tasks within the company done easily and reliably.

Avatask – Task ManagerConventional To-Do Lists
Simple controls
Tasks and processes
Different types of tasks
Extensive filters
Teams & user rights
Integrate places and objects
QR codes

Easy to start

No more complicated planning and setup. Simply register for free at and get started.

Create tasks, assign employees, check progress and much more. As simple as a to-do list, plus important functions for any successful business.

Efficient teamwork

Work as a team – worldwide at any time. Share tasks with your colleagues and check automatically when a task has been completed.

Avatask provides for businesses numerous access possibilities for users. Determine which department or employee sees and alters certain tasks.

Mobile on the go

Avatask has been optimized for mobile use. The task manager on the go to capture tasks quickly and efficiently. Stay up to date

And the best: Avatask also provides almost all functions offline. So that you can create and edit tasks if you have no internet access.

Costs for tasks apps in business

Low fees

You can equip your entire organization with Avatask and pay only about half the fees over conventional to-do apps.

With the Basic, Professional and Premium Accounts you can also choose the right features for your Task Manager. One price for the entire company. It is simple.

Free trial now:

So simply try Avatask: register in just 1 minute for a 30-day free trial. All the features, as many employees as you want.