Task Manager and To-Do List App

Better coordinated tasks

An app for all tasks: the Task Manager of Avatask supports you in your business to coordinate and verifiably perform tasks. As simple as a notepad, as diverse as an ERP system: using the Task Manager of Avatask tasks no longer get lost.

With the simple assignment of tasks to the staff, teamwork becomes more efficient. Tasks done faster, problems detected early and direct intervention if needed. The Task Manager keeps you informed.

The Task Manager can be used in many ways: for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, security checks, sales orders, projects and much more. All in one app, everything is under control.

Why do companies use Avatask

Avatask offers businesses a simple and effective alternative to their previous task organization. The advantages of the task manager are obvious: all tasks in an company are managed at a central location. No ping-pong of information between the individual employees. All information on a platform available at all times.

No more e-mails and phone calls. With Avatask you have more time for the important things and still remain informed at all times.

You can always check the status of a task. The employee concerned does not need to be reachable. Everything in the Task Manager is documented from start to finish.

And: the Task Manager of Avatask is as simple as a notepad – anyone can use it. Entering a task, assign, done. Nevertheless, any time everything is to your liking, you can define processes for each type of task: from maintenance to repair. For each task, the optimal sequence. Only the Task Manager from Avatask can.

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